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The Beauty of a Refurbished Cast Iron Radiator

A cast iron radiator is a wonderful addition to any home. More than a simple heating appliance, a vintage cast iron radiator from the Victorian period is a rare treasure. A cast iron radiator is a freestanding radiator that not only provides heat but they are beautiful as well. Many cast iron radiators have intricately detailed designs. There are many companies that restore antique radiators, preserving their beauty and charm and allowing a new generation to enjoy their beauty and elegance.

One of the newest features involving a restored cast iron radiator is the fact that they can be fitted with pieces that will allow them to be connected to modern day home heating systems. This is a great way to blend a beautiful appliance from the past and have it working in today’s modern environment. A cast iron radiator uses hot water to provide heat and is not only a beautifully decorative piece of furniture but is a highly effective heating equipment that is comparative to modern day heating methods. Antique radiators can be fitted with modern day valves and fittings to ensure that they will continue to run smoothly. These radiators are much quieter than many of the modern radiators available today.

An antique cast iron radiator is more than just a heating appliance; it is a beautifully decorative work of art. A restored and refinished authentic Victorian cast iron radiator lends sophistication and allure to every home that it graces. The Internet is a great way to find beautiful refurbished cast iron radiators that are for sale or available through auction. Many of these vintage radiators have an old European charm and will blend beautifully with a Victorian style home décor. Some have been recolored, polished, or even embossed in selected finishes.

There is a process involved when refurbishing antique radiators. Make sure that a professional has refurbished the radiator that you purchase. Many times, the company that has restored the radiator will also install it in your home, and connect it to your modern heating system. A licensed plumber can also install your radiator.

Some of the radiators that have been refurbished are hand polished and produce an incredible metallic shine and finish. There are many steps involved in the refurbishing process. The first step in refurbishing cast iron radiators is that all of the original fittings and valves will all be removed from the antique radiator. Bushings will then be installed which will allow the radiator to conform to plumbing standards. The water flow rate will then be checked. The next step involves testing the radiator to make sure that there are no leaks. A pressure test is used to ensure that the radiator will stand up under extreme conditions. After the test is complete and the radiator has passed, it will be flushed of any debris that remains inside the radiator. The debris may be a source of interrupting the maximum output of heat. When the radiator is finished, working, and clean it is then painted or embossed with your choice of finish.

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